To enroll in the e-giving program, you will log into the parishioner system, which is the same system where you view your contributions and where you can print your annual contribution statement once it’s ready. Click here to begin the enrollment process.

You will continue to receive second collection envelopes every other month unless the main office is alerted that you no longer wish to receive them (703-860-8510 or You will also want to contact the main office if you set up your electronic contributions prior to November 18, 2016, and plan to use the parishioner system to begin making donations from your credit card.

If you chose to use your credit card for your contributions, please consider adding a little extra to offset the charges passed to us from the credit card companies.

You will also notice that you can make an online donation for a special collection.  Unfortunately the system does not let you queue up the collection to be charged to your card or taken from your checking account on the weekend of the collection.  The system will charge your card or taken from your checking account at the time you enter the donation request.